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 NM Tourism and Travel Co., Ltd.

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N&M Tourism and TRAVEL Co., Ltd.
is a ‘tour operator’ and ‘travel agent’ established in Ankara, Turkey, serving in all branches of tourism since 1991.

In less than a decade, N&M Tourism has expanded its activities from domestic market to inbound operations, from ticketing to corporate travel, organization of congresses and incentive meetings, etc. and is now heading into the 21st century with its well trained and experienced professional staff.

In 1995, we unveiled our Incoming Department which is a milestone in the growth of our company. We have generated original travel programs to Turkey with exclusive itineraries focusing on the unique history, culture and civilizations of Anatolia. These tours are designed to offer all aspects of archaeological and architectural combination of former civilizations with the blend of local colors of culture, food, and daily life. Frequent departures and reasonable prices are the driving forces behind the success of these programs.

Our tour programs ranging from private trips, designed personally to our client’s requests, interests, and budget, to scheduled group travels are all guided by knowledgeable multilingual guides and carefully planned by our staff of destination specialists and experienced travel professionals.

As a Tour Operator, we organize our own tours and specialize in the following areas:

  •          Anatolian Tours: Since Turkey is a unique country which must be seen and lived, we offer the "highlights” of the land that was home to many different cultures over thousands of years with well prepared itineraries and programs.

  •          Biblical Tours; that must to follow in the «Footsteps of St. Paul» are offered in nine alternative tour programs, all with an interesting blend of religion, history and archaeology.

  •          Cultural Tours in Cappadocia: These are a range of different, interesting and fascinating tours to be enjoyed in the magical landscape of Cappadocia.

  •          Specialist Tours: In addition to the main programs above, we can also offer some very unusual and interesting tours such as;

                        o    Islamic Arts Tour
                        o    The Great Tour of Seljuk Heritage
                        o    Jewish Heritage Tours

  •          Special Interest Tours:  These include horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, pottery, weaving, folklore dancing, etc.

In addition to the standard programs mentioned above, we can create custom-made programs for our clients that may include vacations in the magnificent resort areas of Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, especially the Turkish Riviera. Moreover, hotel bookings, flight ticket reservations, transfers and travel guidance are among the services that we can cater to our customers on a professional level.

It is our utmost priority to choose hotels, restaurants, coaches and other facilities that will be at least to, if not beyond, the expectations of our customers.  The itineraries are checked and rechecked by our professional staff to provide our clients with the best service available.  Service personnel such as tour leaders, guides, and other are chosen through a highly demanding selection process and are extensively trained to provide the most professional service to our clientele.

With all the attention that we pay to our selection criteria of destinations, facilities, and personnel, our customers not only see Turkey from a tourists perspective but also enjoy exploring the archeological, historical, architectural and natural aspects of the country, going back home with a satisfied smile on their faces. 

We are eager to create long lasting relationships with our colleagues, tour operators and travel agents, from all around the world.  We provide self explanatory catalogues and travel documents to contribute to our marketing efforts.

N&M Tourism and Travel Agency is a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies), JATA, and ASTA.



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